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the roadmap //

Supporting our Community.
Building upon award winning foundations.
From the darkest moments, comes strength.

━ one

non-profit support //

For our work with Not Your Bro, we won the award for Most Impactful Charity NFT Project at NFT NYC 2022. Giving back is in our blood.

10% of our Mint proceeds to

Visit Trevor Project

━ two

future-self //

Support. Education. Resources. Our Safe Space to all was established through Not Your Bro.

Building upon this foundation, we are developing a new platform of growth, intended for both individuals and our wider community.

━ three

business to business //

Throughout our journey we’ve highlighted an opportunity within the NFT market for projects and their consumers. We have developed and will continue to pioneer initiatives that are the first of their kind in the NFT market.

These initiatives will form the foundation of our Business to Business offering which is intended on growing our community connectivity and directly benefiting our holders.

━ four

not your perks //

Perks. Freebies. Loot. Whatever you want to call it…

We’re building a centralised platform for our holders to access rewards, NFTs, exclusive experiences and real life claimables. Improving the user experience for our holders and NFT consumers.

Sounds like something else will be happening too ey 👀

━ five

not your utility //

We pride ourselves on delivering well-rounded utility that is both varied and relevant to the current NFT market.

Right now, we’re talking Private node, Opensea extension, staking (more info on the next page) and of course education about how to use the utilities we provide to get the most out of them.

You will get these with your Not Your Demons. We are always looking for ways to improve our holder experience when navigating NFTs!

━ six

staking //

Not Your Coin.

For the first time, our holders will be able to stake their Not Your Demons to accumulate Not Your Coin. Accrual begins 24 hours after reveal for Not Your Demons.

Staking rewards will not be in the form of an ERC20 Coin, however it will bring benefits within the Not Your Bro ecosystem.

Not Your Bro will also be available for staking. The anticipated ETA of finalising this part of the road map within 30 to 60 days.

━ more

forever evolving //

We twist and we turn. our roadmap, as with Not Your Bro’s, will continue to blossom. We don’t set and forget.