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the schedule
all prior phases are now complete.

Public Phase – Everyone

Begins 20th July 5pm EDT | 20th July 9pm UTC | 21st July 7am AEST

Randomised Mint – 0.0444eth per

Maximum 5 per transaction.
On ERC721A Smart Contract.

Public Phase FAQs

On Day Five, you can mint up to 5 per transaction. With an unlimited amount of transactions per wallet.

To reward our community for their support, we are transferring 0.25eth to anyone who mints the Lizard Tongue lips trait on a NYD piece with a token number that is higher than NYD #5071.

There are 218 x Lizard Tongues within NYD #5071 and NYD #10,000. There are also 6 x 1/1 Legendary pieces within amongst these token #s.

These payments are manual so please allow time. Please view Not Your Bro’s twitter to see recent winners.


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